Fix Google Redirect Virus Quickly and Effectively !

What is the Redirect Virus and Why should you Remove it Instantly ?

The search redirect virus, commonly known as Google redirect virus is a hacker tool to hijack your browser. This is especially a concern as the virus is not traceable and almost impossible to remove.

When you search for anything in Google, yahoo or bing and if your browser is infected with this redirect virus, you will automatically be redirected to bad websites. These webpages will be sent by the hacker and you will be able to view them on your PC instead of the actual page/ link you were looking for – Scary, isn’t it ?

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How do you know if you have a search redirect virus ? Well , its easy – if you are constantly redirected to other pages , then what you are looking for, then its a sure shot indication that you have the dreaded redirect virus.

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Here’s a quick video to help you understand what is google, yahoo or bing redirect virus and what steps you can take to remove it instantly using this tool -

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